Comrade Bernie Sanders

11 Mar

12790909_10154191879950827_7305987116931016091_nSupporters of Hillary Clinton are not party bickering! We are sending a proclamation loud and clear for all to see and hear. We see a Sanders, Trump and a Cruz presidency as equally disastrous and dangerous and will not vote for any of them equally.
We want The Democratic Party, the American media and the world to know. We view Hillary Clinton as the only Democratic Party member’s candidate and the only one we will vote for. That message is the one absolute that everyone better get before you unleash your bias on our candidate. This, vote blue no matter who, line only applies to Democratic Party member candidates and Bernie Sanders never has been a Democratic Party member and states that he never will be one.
Make no mistake, Trump and Cruz are dangerous extremist however Bernie Sanders plans that would put a half million health insurance workers suddenly out of work and the taking of his “revolution” meat axe to our entire financial structure are sure to have just as equally extreme ripples that could only result in the complete and total crash of our economy and by default the world’s and should be viewed by any and all reasonable Americans as no less dangerous. We really would end up with real damage to our country and democracy equally either way.
If there were a vote blue Presidency that would include the independent Bernie Sanders, it would be the first time in the history of our country that the Democrats elected a depression. All Americans not just Democratic Party member would do well to also remember that history shows that global conflicts always go along with such an event. Comrades Sanders Revolution is way more dangerous than we are admitting to, just for the sake of blue and again he isn’t even blue.


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