Hillary Clinton for President 2016

THE DEMHere is the deciding factor for me. I have watched Bill Clinton and President Obama and even Hillary Clinton over the years as they have developed and used a style or ability, whatever you want to call it, that has let them beat the Republicans, always leaving them guessing, dazed and confused.

They know how to go for the nut and leave the icing for when the time is right but that nut always makes it a countable step forward that can be built on. They know when to use executive orders where it is the most effective. They know how to bring public consensus along with them. It does not matter what type of Republican is in office they win against them.

That is why the smear money and political capital is still being spent by Republicans on trying to take down an old past President, A lame duck President and another one of those Presidents. They fear Clinton/Obama politics. They lose to Clinton/Obama politics.

President Obama was Bernie Sanders upon arrival in office (remember the campaign of hope and change) however President Obama is very smart though and young enough that he quickly saw the reality of choice of either governing successfully or governing unsuccessfully so not even a year into office he went straight to Bill Clinton and Clinton Democrat politics and has won ever since. President Obama will go down in history as one of the best.

He took the Clinton Democrat brand and has made it his own by adding his own skillful style and ability to it, making it even more effective forever more and now Hillary will have that huge benefit of getting to use the Clinton/Obama Democratic politics brand, to frankly put it, to whoop Republican butt with.

This why I’m with her! Hillary Clinton! We must not see this opportunity of 8 successful years on top of 8 more successful years of winning Democratic leadership thrown away on just a bunch of wooing words of non-reality.


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